Goals & background of Mehr Demokratie e.V.

Mehr Demokratie is the driving force for referenda and a better electoral law. Every vote counts equally and everybody has the right to participate. That's what we stand up for.

Citizens committed to change founded Mehr Demokratie in 1988. Today we have members, 13 regional branches. Mehr Demokratie is the largest non-party organization promoting democracy in the European Union.

What we want:

  • The introduction of a nationwide referendum in Germany,
  • fair rules of play as part of the referendum for the German federal states and communities,
  • more extensive democracy and parliamentary reforms, modern voting procedures and freedom of information and
  • the democratisation of the European Union.

We wish for a political culture which furthers dialogue and participation. Citizen-initiated referendums, fair election laws and other forms of participation invite the citizens to fashion the direction of politics. In this, Mehr Demokratie is politically neutral, which means that we only comment on questions relating to democratic procedures, not to specific contents. Important questions should be decided upon by the citizens.

With our campaigns we fight for direct democracy on all political levels. A professional core team and hundreds of honorary members form our action basis. Our board of trustees consists of more than fifty eminent personalities from the fields of science, the arts, economics, and politics.

Our work is financed by donations and membership fees. We receive no public funding. That ensures our independence and neutrality.

Since 2003 we have been active on the EU-level, accompanying the work of the Convention for the Future of Europe as this body drafted the EU-Constitution. We devoted our efforts there first of all for direct democracy in general, and focusing special attention to referenda on the Constitution Treaty, and its revised version, The Reform Treaty.

Our efforts contributed to the inclusion of the European Citizens' Initiative in the EU treaty. We also helped to ensure that the referendum on the Constitution Treaty took place in the Netherlands.

In the year 2005, Mehr Demokratie became a founding member of the network, Democracy International (DI), which is active throughout the EU. Some of the organizations within DI are Mas Democracia (Spain), democratie.nu (Belgium), and Balkan Assist (Bulgaria). Our aim is a European Union which is democratically formed by and controlled by the citizens.

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