European Citizens Assemblies and the Future of Europe

06.05.2021 17:30 - 20:00


Have you heard about the Conference on the Future of Europe? And if yes, do you know how to get involved and get your voice heard? The Citizens Take Over Europe coalition takes up the challenge to put citizens back at the center of the conversation. To do so the coalition introduces the European Citizens Assemblies. Discover what it is all about at this online event.

The various members of Citizens Take Over Europe will share their ideas and highlight the benefits shown by citizens' participation in the democratic process. Let's design the Europe that we want: a Europe that cares and is taken care of!

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Programme (17h30 - 20h)

1. Discover
* StamEuropa, a new civic space at heart of the EU;
* Citizens Take Over Europe: Origin, manifesto and ten principles for a citizens-centered CoFoE;
* The European Citizen Assemblies;
* EU Sign Day Initiative

2. Act - European HomeParliments meet Assemblies of Solidarity
Participants will be split up in small groups to discuss. Participants will have the opportunity to share their views and explore ideas on the role of the EU after the pandemic. The conclusions will be followed by an expert or member of the European Parliament present at the event.

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Veranstalter: Citizens take over Europe

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